9 December 2018 - Private international law problems in respect of contractual chains and networks

International Symposium: Current Issues in Private International Law
Doshisha University

(I also attended the Asia-Pacific Colloquium of Journal of Private International Law, between 10 and 11 December 2018, Doshisha University)

18 August 2018 -
Identifying the ‘Natural Forum’ and the ‘Closest Connection Law’ in the World of Smart Contracts

UNSW Workshop: Private International Law and Intellectual Property: An International Guideline for Jurisdiction, Choice of Laws, and Recognition and Enforcement of Judgment / Arbitral Award
Staff Common Room
University of New South Wales Law School

26 - 28 July 2018 -
Invited panellist - Cross-Border Obstacles in ASEAN and Solutions
The ASEAN Law Conference: The Power of One - Unlocking Opportunities in ASEAN through Law
Raffles City Convention Centre

30 April - 1 May 2018 -
Indian Ocean Rim Countries and their Economic Integration through China’s One Belt One Road Initiative: Private International Law Barriers

Maritime Order in the Indian Ocean Conference and Workshop
Centre on the Legal Profession, Deakin Law School
Deakin Downtown, Melbourne

4-6 April 2018 -
The Compatibility of the Emergency Arbitrator under the New York Convention and Domestic Law

International Conference: 60 years of the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards: Key Issues and Future Challenges

Loyola University Andalucia, Seville, Spain

25-29 September 2017 -
There is no wrong in The Halcyon Isle - a confirmation from Australia!

International Congress of Maritime Arbitrators (ICMA XX) Conference
Scandic Copenhagen Hotel, Denmark

26 February 2016 -
Recent Admiralty Decisions in Hong Kong: Critical Review and Analysis

Maritime Law in the Asia Pacific Region

Victoria University of Wellington School of Law

15 October 2015 –
Was The “Ocean Victory” [2015] EWCA Civ. 16 a disappointing judgment?

The 8th International Conference on Maritime Law, Grand Hyatt Dalian, PRC

15 May 2015 – Revising Common Law Solutions to Foreign Maritime Liens

The 19
th Session of The International Congress of Maritime Arbitrators
Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong

8 November 2014 –
Fraudulent Claims and Fraudulent Devices – Same Rules Fit All?

International Conference on the Hong Kong Maritime Law Forum, The Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law, City University of Hong Kong

20 October 2014 –
Common Law approaches to foreign maritime liens – what should ship-owners beware? – With some observations on the Draft International Convention of Foreign Judicial Sales of Ships and Their Recognition

International Conference on the Law of Logistics, Inha University, South Korea

17 October 2014 –
The Rotterdam Rules – From the Perspective of the Hong Kong SAR as a Freight-Forwarding City

UNCITRAL-UM Asia-Pacific Fall Conference, University of Macau

10 March 2014 – The M/V Nancy [2013] EWHC 2116 (Comm) – Revisiting a breach of warranty and a warranty of legality

Hong Kong Insurance Law Association Limited

25-26 October 2013 –
Marine Insurance Law in Hong Kong: English governing law clause, Direct Actions, and Warranties

The 6th East Asia Maritime Law Forum

Korea University, South Korea

19 November 2012 –
Proving ‘fraud’ in the context of marine insurance law – perspective of Hong Kong and other jurisdictions inherited the British legal tradition

BIT’s First Annual World Congress of Ocean – 2012

World EXPO Centre, Dalian, PRC

19 June 2012 –
Identifying choice of law in the context of maritime torts – yet still a challenge for courts in Hong Kong

International Conference of the Association of Transport, Trade, and Service Studies (2012 ATTSS) organised by the Centre for Transport, Trade, and Finance Studies, City University of Hong Kong

29 September 2005 –
Duty of Utmost Good Faith in UK Marine Insurance Law: Possibility for Reform and The Way Forward

International Conference on Law and Commerce 2005: Simplification and Modernization of Law for Responsible Commerce

Hilton Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

(This conference was jointly organised by Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyah of Laws, International Islamic University, Malaysia; School of Law, Victoria University; and The Malaysian Current Law Journal Sdn.Bhd)

9 June 2005 –
Duty of Disclosure in Marine Insurance Law: Problems and Possibility for Reform

Festival of Postgraduate Research, University of Leicester (exhibition and presentation)

13 September 2004 –
Moral Hazard and Non-Disclosure: Recent Developments and Remaining Problems

Society of Legal Scholars, Maritime Law Subject Section, Sheffield Conference, University of Sheffield