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Current research projects mentioned in this page reflect my current academic interests and they are tentative only and some of them may not lead to fruition.

Work in progress / under review

I am working on an article with Sai Ramani Garimella looking into different types and variants of jurisdiction clauses and how to distinguish between them. We are also looking at the presumptive mechanism under the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements and what lessons India may learn from these.

I am also exploring with Sai Ramani Garimella an article in the realm of the recent Hague Judgments Convention.

Long-term project

I am working on a book Marine Insurance - Comparative Common Law Perspectives in collaboration with Dr SO Lok Kan of Singapore University of Social Sciences. This work is under contract with Springer Nature Pte Ltd until the first quarter of 2024.

This work took at the starting point the Marine Insurance Act 1906 of the United Kingdom. This piece of legislation may be viewed as a successful one due to two main reasons. First, it serves as a model for an identical statute in other common law jurisdictions. Secondly, throughout its over 100 years of use, there had been no amendment to this piece of legislation until very recently when the United Kingdom enacted the Insurance Act 2015 and the Enterprises Act 2016. Still, these two statutes do not bring "wholesale" changes to the Marine Insurance Act 1906.

Being such an old statute, the overall scheme of the Marine Insurance Act 1906 is supplemented by case laws and academic commentaries. However, courts in common law jurisdictions are not always consistent in their interpretation of a virtually identical statute. It is on such divergence in such statutory interpretation that becomes a primary focus of this work. The secondary focus of this work is in contemporary developments and attempts at statutory reform. In addition to the English marine insurance law, for comparative purposes, the Australian marine insurance law is examined given the Marine Insurance Act 1909 (Cwlth) is identical to the Marine Insurance Act 1906 of the United Kingdom. Likewise, the New Zealand marine insurance law with its Marine Insurance Act 1908 similar to that of the United Kingdom is also covered in this book. The scope of this book is also extended to the marine insurance law of Canada since the Marine Insurance Act 1993, which is a federal statute, is based on, if not identical to, the Marine Insurance Act 1906. This book will draw conclusion on convergence and divergence in interpretations of virtually identical texts to the Marine Insurance Act 1906. It will also suggest whether the approaches in the Insurance Act 2015 of the United Kingdom should be followed in other jurisdictions and, if not, which approaches countries in common law jurisdictions inherited legal principles enshrined in the Marine Insurance Act 1906 of the United Kingdom should adopt in considering reforms of their marine insurance legislation. Also, other areas which should be addressed by the statutory reform, but which were disregarded by the English and the Scottish Law Commissions, will be highlighted and suggestions for such reform will be made.


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